Are you exhausted all the time? Well, you have landed in the right place!


I am the chef, writer and creator behind I am currently introducing my new course Verbena’s Balanced Life Bootcamp, where I dig deep into how I discovered the magic to living a stress free life. 

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Are you tired all the time? Are you feeling stifled and dehumanized? Are you ready for a whole mind, body reboot? Let's start by revitalizing your morning routine... Join our FREE MASTERCLASS: Work, Joy, Balance - A Workaholic Detox

What will you learn from Verbena’s Balanced Life BOOTCAMP?

#1 Learn to cook and eat healthy with Chinese herbs and oils.


#2 Learn to flow with the moon cycles and take really good care of yourself.

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#3 Learn to maintain a positive mindset and find your purpose. 

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